New Vision for Africa Foundation




Suffering populations and desperate governments are being ravaged by the most deadly Ebola outbreak in history. ​No cure and seemingly insurmountable odds have spread fear to millions as the death toll continues to rise. 
But what can be done to end, or at least slow this terrible disease?
First and foremost, the facts need to be made clear. Although it has no cure, there is one critical treatment that allows victims a fighting chance to survive the effects of the Ebola virus. It’s not some experimental vaccine or miracle drug. 


​Ebola causes severe dehydration and unless patients are provided with clean water, their immune systems are not able to fight the virus. Unfortunately most of West Africa already suffers from a lack of clean water supplies which makes it even more difficult for relief personnel to treat victims. Drinking water directly from rivers is simply NOT acceptable. Contaminated water sources put further strain on a patient’s immune system which is already trying to battle the virus.

​New Vision for Africa is answering Liberia’s President’s call to action and has directed the 
RAW DRIP program initiated by Ansa Technologies to provide water purification equipment to the most critically affected areas in Liberia where the spread of Ebola has seen a significant increase within the past several weeks. 


​By providing medical grade water to victims in the most remote locations of Liberia New Vision for Africa will have a significant impact on the spread of the disease. Current humanitarian aid has focused on medical gear to protect care-givers and with the addition of clean water, the survivability statistics are expected to take a dramatic turn for the better.

New Vision for Africa Foundation has partnered with New Vision Africa and Ansa Technologies to implement the HydroVolt Purification systems throughout strategic locations in West Africa. The initial units will be deployed in the country of Liberia, and deployed through New Community Clinic near Bushrod Island, approximately 5 miles Northwest of the capital city of Monrovia.